International Association
of Facilitators

Institute of Corporate Directors member

ICD/Rotman Corporate Governance College, Directors Education Program candidate

Good governance means your board must continually assess how it is fulfilling its strategic mandate. Accomplish this in a board retreat by:

  • Taking advantage of our experience - we've sat on both sides of the boardroom table in the not-for-profit and for profit worlds
  • Clarifying and agreeing on the roles and expectations of the board compared to the CEO and staff
  • Using a seasoned facilitator, who can create a safe, open and confidential retreat environment for your board to work in
  • Developing the right retreat agenda to ensure your board accomplishes its goals from the session

Facilitated board retreats can cover a broad spectrum of important topics, including:

  • One-day and multi-day strategic planning sessions
  • Multi-stakeholder input on strategic options and priorities for the board's consideration
  • Development of a board's vision, values and mission as well as key stakeholder assessments
  • Training on the basic concepts and implementation of the Carver Model of board governance
  • Ensuring the structure of the board and its committees is functional, clear and transparent