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Institute of Corporate Directors member

ICD/Rotman Corporate Governance College, Directors Education Program candidate


The Board says it to the CEO, the CEO says it to the staff, and the CEO says it to the Board…

"You need to be more strategic."

As the CEO of your organization, you recognize that a strategically led organization can create a future of sustainability and competitiveness, and can break the stranglehold caused by scarce resources.

You want to lead this way but:

  • You need some help: Enlisting the Board and Board Chair to support you, to involve your leadership team, and gain the support of a coach, your peers and other experts to minimize risks
  • You need time: You have to keep running the organization while you lead this strategic shift, and still find enough time to learn new approaches
  • You need to change the way you manage: You've got to guide the organization toward finding the right balance between day-to-day operations and leading strategically, create an enhanced CEO/Board relationship, learn how to better prioritize objectives, and help your leadership team communicate in new ways
  • Your organization's situation is unique: You have to define what being strategic means to your organization, receive timely and responsive support as new situations arise, and learn by addressing your own organization's challenges

How does the Strategic Jump Start Program help you to lead strategically?

This unique, year long program combines One-on-One executive coaching for the not-for-profit CEO with three interactive seminar days designed specifically for the leader, their leadership team and their Board Chair. Ongoing peer support completes the program's format. It is designed exclusively for the not-for-profit leader - a role you already have as President, Executive Director or CEO, or the role you are being groomed for.