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Enrichment Enterprises Inc.

Enrichment Enterprises Inc. is a strategic consulting practice led by Janet Dalicandro. Our mission is to help corporate and not-for-profit executives, leadership teams and boards get to clarity on priorities, organizational structure and board governance.

We understand the powerful impact and momentum that comes from leading with clarity. Working with you and your leadership team, our strategic and practical advice will help simplify complex issues into straightforward decision options so you can act decisively to realize your goals. We will also help clarify and align your business or organization, enabling you to achieve the results that are demanded of you.

Our portfolio of services includes:

Janet Dalicandro has been helping companies and organizations clarify complex business issues for over 30 years. Her diverse career has encompassed senior leadership positions at IBM, Granada, Canada Trust, SpectraVision and webpersonals.com. She has also served on numerous corporate and not-for-profit boards as a director, audit member, governance committee chair and board chair.

Let us help you lead with clarity. Contact us today to explore the many ways Enrichment Enterprises Inc. can make a powerful impact on your business or organization.